Award Winner Boys

“Teacher’s Choice Award for Best Child (boy) 2021-2022”

Sincere, enthusiastic, and the cleverest boy will get the best child (boy) award. The panel of teachers will decide this award based on the monthly interactions and worksheet progress.

Award Winner girls

“Teacher’s Choice Award for Best Child (girl) 2021-2022”

The most obedient girl in the teacher’s eyes will be facilitated with the best child (girl) award! All the teachers will keep the track of their performance and the winner will be decided as per their suggestions.

Award Winner Mother

“Teacher’s Choice Award for Best Mother 2021-2022”

The dedicated mommy deserves some recognition for always being helpful and patient! The best mother award will be given as per the teachers & suggestions.

Award Winner Father

“Teacher’s Choice Award for Best Father 2021-2022”

Daddy cool and the daddy dearest also gets an award! This award, too, will be given based on which father has been the most invested during monthly sessions as per the teachers & suggestions.

Award Winner teacher

“Parents Choice Award For Best Teacher 2021-2022”

Teachers are the ultimate gems and hence, the best teacher, who has been the most helpful to the parents, will get the best teacher award. Parents will vote for this award and the award will be given to the teacher who gets the most number of votes!