What will your child learn?

Toddler Photo 3
  • Language skills (Using pronouns, Asking ‘wh’ questions, Speaking short phrases)
  • Physical Skills (Wash and dry hands, Throwing ball overhand,Brushing teeth)
  • Social and Emotional Skills (Responding when someone takes their name, Playing with friends)
  • Imagination Skills (Reading books to kids and playful toys will sharpen their imagination)
  • Cognitive Skills (Identify body parts and functions, Sort colors, Try puzzles)

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What you will get @PlaySchoolBox?

  • Online Puppet Shows
  • Online Toy Story Sessions
  •  Comic Book Series
  • Jumbo Colouring Kit
  • Picture Books & Toys
  • Online Guided Sessions
  • Building Blocks and puzzles
  • Birthday Month Surprise
  • Dedicated Class Teacher
  • Parents Teachers Meeting
  • Monthly Progress Report
  • Pass Certificate
  • Teacher’s Choice Awards
  • Surprise Toy Box Experience
  • Scholarship Award Contest

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Term Fees

(3 months)

(Two Term Surprise Boxes Free)

Rs. 7080

6000 + 18% GST

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Annual Fees

(9 months)

Three Term Surprise Boxes Free)

Rs. 21,240

18000 + 18% GST

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What is PlaySchoolBox?

PlaySchoolBox is the Award-winning curriculum designed for Remote Pre-Schooling Kids in their Home Environment.

We will send you One Curriculum Box For Every Term ( 3 months) at your registered mailing address.

There will be one box for each term and hence 3 Play School Box (es) annually. You can ensure your child’s safety during these tough times without having to compromise the education with us.

Are there teachers available if I need guidance for my child?

PlaySchoolBox provides 24 X 7 teacher support. The teachers are child education experts and have vast experience in teaching. They will be available constantly to guide you if you have any queries regarding the syllabus or any other concerns.

How is it different than regular schools?

There will be no difference between the regular schools and our playschool box. Except, with us, you can educate your child from the safety and comfort of your home.

Do you provide transfer certificates?

Yes! As with any other local or regular school, we provide your kid with a transfer certificate after the completion of 1st grade. In fact, the certificate holds a prestigious value, so it will be easier for your kid to get in after the 1st grade.

Who has designed the curriculum of PlaySchoolBox?

Yes, our curriculum is designed by child education experts and we have an international curriculum. We guarantee you, your child will learn all the vital things that he or she is supposed to be learning and knowing.

What are the things that are targeted in your syllabus?

Our curriculum books and educational toys and syllabus are designed for complete childhood development in 16 key areas of skills.

PlaySchoolBox v/s Other Boxes

  • Remote Pre School

  • Solid Toys for skill Devlopment

  • Full Year Non Stop surprise Box Experience

  • Birthday Month Special Box

  • Monthly Report Card

  • 24X7 Teacher's Support

  • Scholarship Award Contest

  • Passing Certificate

  • Standard